September 2017  
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Music Ministry
Leader: Jeff and Misty Rowland

God is growing a great music ministry in our church.  Our music is a blend of traditional and praise music.

Jeff Rowland is our music director.  He loves to sing praises for God and his excitement brings enthusiasm to the music service.  Jeff's wife, Misty, does an excellent job at playing the keyboards for the praise team.  Glenda Rowland shares her musical gift on the piano as Kathy Hogue and Rana Gilpin add their voices to the mix.  We even have a rhythm guitar played by Bill Vyers and a base guitar played by Marcus West.   At time, we even have George Branch playing the base fiddle.  We have several others who are a part of the church choir.  

The entire music team works together to bring the worship service to life for Christ.  Come and join us as we sing , clap and praise the Lord together!

We would like you to be a part of our church and our music program.