September 2017  
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Youth Director

Barbara Kinney

Barbara Kinney has been called as our Youth Director at First Baptist Milburn.  I will let Barbara describe herself in her own words.

"My name is Barbara Kinney.  I grew up in Milburn and graduated from Milburn High School.  I have been married to Robert Kinney since June 1, 1985.  I have one daughter who is a senior in high school in Milburn.  Her name is Ashtin Kinney.  I am a registered nurse and I am also on the local school board.

I accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior when I was sixteen.  I had been busy in church before I was sixteen, but that is when I asked Jesus to be my Savior and not just my friend.  I knew at that time God wanted me to be involved in His service.  My husband and I have served as house parents in four different children's homes and have had about 180 young people go through our home.  My husband has also been pastor of several churches.  (He is presently serving as associate pastor of First Baptist, Milburn.)

As an adult, I have a burden for the young people I come in contact with in my every day life.  I love being involved in the everyday lives of the young people of my community.  I feel it is so important to encourage and, yes, sometimes prod our youth to a commitment to God and His call on their lives.

As a youth, I spent a lot of time at First Baptist Church of Milburn or at my youth minister's house who was Dallas Boggs.  I remember how it felt to know that Dallas loved us regardless.  He took us places and spent time with us even when it would have been easier to go do his own thing.  He was a good example for us young people in his daily living.  He showed me how important church was and how service to God was the most important thing I could do in my life.

I want to be committed to being available to make a difference in the lives of our youth.  I want them to know that I love them anyway.  With the help of many other adults, First Baptist Church of Milburn has a growing youth group."

Barbara Kinney